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AI, Data Analytics and Management

Software Engineering


System Integrations

IT Consulting

Integrating Business and Technology

From system analysis and consultation to product implementation and support, we are committed to offering our clients innovative, effective, and cost-effective technological products, services, and solutions.

Accepro is a customer-centric, results-driven professional technology consulting company dedicated to enhancing and optimizing business operations. Our success is propelled by a wealth of technical expertise and experience in software analysis, design, and integration, all of which are bolstered by our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

At Accepro, our primary focus is on our clients, and we continuously strive to exceed their expectations. We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. Our team of professionals combines technical prowess with creative problem-solving, ensuring that we not only meet but often surpass our clients’ objectives.

Our comprehensive approach spans the entire spectrum of technology consulting, from identifying pain points and conceptualizing solutions to their seamless implementation. We believe that technology should be an enabler, streamlining processes and driving efficiency across your organization.

Ultimately, our mission is to be a trusted partner in your journey towards operational excellence. With Accepro by your side, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, knowing that we are here to empower your business’s success.

We support key sectors of the economy


In the realm of manufacturing companies, ERP systems, detailed production information, and efficient warehouse management stand as vital components. At our core, we specialize in a range of services including the implementation of ERP systems, fine-tuning and modification of existing systems, and custom software development tailored specifically for manufacturing entities. Our commitment extends further with comprehensive data analysis services, and we excel in facilitating seamless data access through the creation of advanced, user-friendly reports.


Finance is a complex field that demands precision and knowledge to execute specific tasks. The production and integration of comprehensive IT systems have been our specialization since the inception of Accepro. We excel in crafting intricate reports of financial data and delivering them to end users.

Wholesale and Retail

We develop IT solutions for companies in the wholesale and retail sectors. Our solutions encompass integrated systems that support the management of warehouse and store facilities, including assortment management, suppliers, pricing, promotions, logistics, warehouse management, and communication between branches and other corporate IT systems.

Transportation and Logistics

We offer support for Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), conducting in-depth data analysis, and delivering reports tailored to customer requirements. Additionally, we specialize in creating custom software for both mobile and web platforms to enhance logistics company operations and ensure easy data access. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive IT infrastructure implementation services for logistics companies, along with ongoing support and upgrades for existing technologies within these organizations.